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Digital Bangladesh : Ansar-VDP Initiatives
Bangladesh Ansar and Village Defence Party (VDP) launched its website- on 04 December 2004. Later in 2005 domain name was changed to as per government instruction.  To maintain and develop the website, Headquarters (HQ) of Bangladesh Ansar-VDP arranged a one year long training in 2005 for a ICT team.

   The Ansar-VDP ICT team is still working to develop an interactive dynamic website. The objective is to meet future e-governance need of the organization as well as Bangladesh Government. For the sake of continuous development of the web site and associated works, an Information System Cell (IS Cell) has been set up at HQ Bangladesh Ansar-VDP in 2008. 

    The website contains its own mail service . As per government instructions, official email addresses have been created for all officers and unit commanders under this mail service. In near future the email service will be extensively used for all feasible official correspondences.

    Bangladesh Ansar-VDP imparts basic and advanced level computer training each year through its 17 Computer Trainig Centers. Officers, troops and voluteer Ansar-VDP members under go these courses. This organization is always in its best effort to create a potential user group from among its huge members. Once those users will contribute a lot in G2C and C2G interactions to make Digital Bangladesh.


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